My Journey


The Awakening

Life is a series of events – highs and lows, joys and sorrows. For many, weight becomes an embodiment of deeper issues, and I'm no stranger to that struggle. Since 2016, I've dedicated myself to assisting others in navigating the complex journey of weight loss, health, and personal transformation. But why trust me with your journey? Because I've walked through the fire myself and emerged with not just scars but stories of hope.

My Journey: A Phoenix's Rise

Despite shedding an astonishing 364 pounds in two years through nutritional cleansing, there was a time when I was drowning in despair, confined not by the weight of my body but by the weight of my past. Sexual abuse, childhood trauma, homelessness, an abusive marriage – each chapter seemed heavier than the last.

Yet, amidst my lowest moments, a friend introduced me to Katy Perry's "Rise." Those lyrics rekindled a fire within me, a realization that my past didn't define me. I could R.I.S.E. – "Realize I'm Strong Enough". This wasn't just a catchy tagline; it was my lifeline, and it became the foundational ethos of my coaching firm and luxury boutique.

Professional Background:

From Healing Minds to Healing Bodies

With a Bachelor's Degree in Art and a Master's in Professional Counseling & Behavioral Health, I spent over a decade working in the trenches of Clinical Psychology. This journey exposed me to the complexities of the human psyche, a foundation I'd later draw upon during my own transformation and in guiding others.

Life, however, has its own plans.

My trajectory shifted dramatically when I found myself tipping the scales at 592 pounds. But as with all challenges, the darkest hour is just before dawn. My revival began with a commitment to change, propelled by a revolutionary nutritional shake that redefined my understanding of health.

The I.R.I.S.E. Movement:

Legacy of Hope Today, 468 pounds lighter and with features in renowned media outlets like FOX, ABC, NBC, and People Magazine, I stand as a beacon of hope for countless individuals. The I.R.I.S.E. Athleisure Wear is more than just a brand – it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through my 5-Week Weight-loss Mindset Transformation Program, I've distilled the essence of my journey – behavioral modification, mindset coaching, nutritional understanding, and more – to guide others towards a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

A Note to You

Life is indeed too short to be trapped in chains of regret, pain, or dissatisfaction. Let's I.R.I.S.E. together and embrace the beauty of our strength. Your journey has just begun, and with each step, you'll discover a version of yourself that's been waiting to shine.

From 592 pounds to a beacon of transformation, remember: If I could, you can too!

- Coach Kenya

The Essence of I.R.I.S.E.


What is I.R.I.S.E.?

At its heart, I.R.I.S.E. stands for "I Realize I'm Strong Enough." It's not just an acronym; it's a declaration, a mantra that signifies the unyielding spirit within each of us. A call to acknowledge our inherent strength, no matter the odds stacked against us.

The Turning Point

The shedding of 364 pounds in two years was a testament to my physical perseverance. However, the emotional journey behind those numbers was layered with challenges. I wrestled with deep-seated feelings of worthlessness and identity crises.

It was during one of these inner battles that Katy Perry's "Rise" serendipitously reached my ears. The song was more than mere music; it resonated with my trials – the haunting shadows of abuse, homelessness, addiction, and tumultuous relationships. But more than reminiscing about the past, the lyrics shone a beacon towards hope and rekindled a fire within.

From this ember of inspiration, "I Realize I'm Strong Enough" or I.R.I.S.E., was born.

Birth of a Legacy

This affirmation wasn't merely personal; it became the foundation of my coaching initiative and the inspiration for my luxury boutique's name. For over eight years, I've endeavored to infuse the essence of I.R.I.S.E. into every individual I guide, aiming for not just physical transformation but a rejuvenation of spirit and soul.

True transformation arises from deep, personal connections. Recognizing our unique challenges and harnessing the strength to conquer them is the ethos of I.R.I.S.E. Having braved my journey, I stand ready to guide you on yours.

Together, let's rise, for we are all strong enough.

My Professional Odyssey

Education & Early Career

With a Bachelor's Degree in Art followed by a Masters in Professional Counseling & Behavioral Health, I spent over 15 years immersed in the realms of Behavior Modification and Clinical Psychology. This journey exposed me to diverse demographics – from working with the severely mentally ill to pedophiles and adolescents in behavioral health.

While I had a deep passion for my profession, a pivot in my life's trajectory was on the horizon.

The 592-Pound Wake-Up Call

In the midst of pursuing further studies to become a Physician's Assistant, life threw its hardest curveball. I found myself on the precipice of death, weighing a staggering 592 pounds and trapped in a self-destructive cycle of emotional and binge eating.

In my bleakest hour, a divine intervention guided me to a life-changing nutritional shake in 2014. This was more than just a supplement; it was a lifesaver. It provided the essential nutrients my body desperately needed, initiating a transformation that I continue to uphold with science-backed organic nutrition.

Change your mind: Change your waistline!

#From 592 to You Can too.

My Biggest Change

Rebirth & Renewed Purpose

Utilizing behavioral modification techniques, I embarked on a path of holistic recovery, releasing over 367 pounds in just two years. This wasn't just about shedding weight – it was about reclaiming my life, breaking free from the shackles of food addiction.

Today, with a total of 468 pounds released and counting, my mission extends beyond personal transformation. Featured on platforms like FOX, ABC, NBC, People Magazine, and more, I've morphed into a Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and an established Weight Loss Guru. As the proud owner of the I.R.I.S.E. Athleisure Wear brand, I'm dedicated to aiding women, men, and families in breaking free from generational obesity patterns.

Continuing the Legacy

I now offer my insights and methodologies through the 5 Week Weight-loss Mindset Transformation Program. My journey, detailed in my best-selling book, serves as a testament that change is within reach for everyone.

From 592 to a beacon of hope – if I can make this change, so can you.

Grab My Best Selling Book What If: From Death to Destiny

Experience my transformational journey in detail.



Shayla A. | GA

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya is personable and professional. By working with her I’ve had emotional and behavioral breakthroughs in areas I was stuck in for years. "I've hired multiple coaches in the past but Her program is truly unique and very much needed” She helps you explore not just your eating but everything that leads up to eating. It's a beautiful process of discovery while shedding the pounds". Highly recommend. .


Brigette C. | OK

Graduated Client

"When you are looking to deal with the mental part of your struggle with food, Coach Kenya is the one. She has been where we are and totally gets it. She brings things to light that you didn't know existed, challenges you and is your biggest cheerleader. Grateful I found her."


Florence M. | AZ

Graduated Client

“ I am 84 years young and this women knows her stuff". I love the products and coaching program together, they really work.! The changes and results are jaw dropping. I've dropped 35 plus pounds and kept if off for over 1 year. It’s easy, convenient and simple. You can't beat nutrition that works and gives the results. you want!"


Yvette H. | AZ

Graduated Client

“I love Coach Kenya, the products and her coaching program! Over 16 pounds released in less than a week, you can beat that She truly understands weight-loss and how to get  and maintain results on a deeper, level. You will have increased energy, sleep better and get your life back! "It’s worth every penny"


Amy S. | AZ

Graduated Client

“ I’ve been working with coach for many years as I result I’ve shed over 250 lbs. with her support and guidance. Her techniques and lifestyle changes truly work, I can reach down and tie my own shoes, "Changing your mind really matters".


Sylvia P. | NJ

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya knows her stuff, she is a weight-loss genius and understands the barriers to weight loss, obesity and emotional eating. No one else discusses or digs into the thinking patterns and behaviors that she can personally relate to. No other program or products can be so

easily navigated  and applied during all stages of life. She truly understands the process of behavioral weight-loss and



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