Hi, I'm Kenya LaShelle Elliott

Since 2016, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that hinder their health, wellness and overall lifestyle.

Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.

Let me help you uncover, discover, and destroy the barriers holding you back. You will acquire and develop better sustainable ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your transformation in its totality.  After overcoming my own personal weight loss challenges and releasing over 467 pounds using simple and effective strategies, techniques and nutrition I want to share them with you!

A transformation in it's totality is a resurrections of one's life.  

Let I.R.I.S.E together. 

Coach Kenya


Professional Counselor, Behavioralist, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Weightloss Guru, Inspirational Speaker, Make-up Inspiror and Fashionista

Welcome to I.R.I.S.E.  ( I Realize I'm Strong Enough) INC. Beautique &Transformation Coaching Firm 

We are so glad you are here, please take a few moments and read about the "Babe behind the brand". 


My Family

My name is Kenya ( Keen-ya) LaShelle Elliott, I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I am  the youngest girl of  my all siblings. I am a wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend but most of all I am an overcomer determined to R.I.S.E. I am married and have two beautiful daughters Ages 30 & 33 and four amazing grand-daughters. 

My youngest daughter Kennisha Dash'e Denise, full of life, love and a ball of excitement gained her wings at  9 months old.  She was my little inspirational superstar.

In loving memory of Kennisha's life, and my journey from Death to Destiny is the inspiration behind

I.R.I.S.E. ( I REALIZE I'M STRONG ENOUGH) Beautique & Athleisure Wear.

My Favorites 

I have an extensive love for art, music, dance and all things beauty.  I have always loved make up, singing, dancing, writing Poetry, creating things with my hands, and  finally Fashion. These things give me life.

Music is the rhythm to my soul. I love all types of music, from rock tap, classical to Christian music, I can connect.  As a little girl I attended the community recreation center for dance  and I fell in love with the expression of movement, which gave birth to my love and desire for dance today. 

After spending many years being unable to dance or write my poetry due to depression, paralysis and terminal illness. Today, I am enjoying all my favs since taking my life back, and over coming my personal death bed and obesity. 


My Career
I have completed my Bachelors Degree in Art, Masters Degree in Professional Counseling & Behavioral Health.  I worked for over 15 years in the Behavior Modification and Clinical Psychology with pedophiles, severally mentally ill adults, and Adolescent Behavioral Health. 

After retirement, life took a turn and today I am truly serving my purpose and calling. 

As a Wardrobe & Weight loss Transformation Coach, I am running my dream company and loving my dream career.  

My Journey: From 592 to You Can too. Obesity and Me.

Obesity and I have been in a constant tug of war my whole life, or as long as I can recall. In my family "food" was everything. Food gave me life and the things around me meaning.  Snacks, cakes and candy, couldn't abuse, neglect or abandon me, so we became "worst friends". Food gave me hope, until it didn't.

After falling severly ill,  paralzyed from the waist down, and  deeply depressed in 2011, food picked up where it left off.  I was eating to breathe. Food made life in that hospital bed bareable. 389 pounds gained in 10 months. I become a food addict and compulsive overeater. Everyday and all day, I thought about food, what was I going to eat, when I was going to eat and who was going to bring it to me to eat it. The cycle consumed my whole day and all my thoughts.     I was no longer eating for nourishment, but to soothe the wounds and pain. Eating was survival kit and coping skill for life. As a result my weight ballooned to 592 and I was given only 30 days to live.  I am so grateful that God sent my divine helper and amazing nutrition to show me different. Its been seven years 467 pounds released and many lives to inspire before  I sleep.  Wanna know more Grab my Best Selling Book. 

I.R.I.S.E. Inc.  & Coach Kenya LaShelle Elliott

Two years into my weight loss journey after releasing 364 pounds using nutritional cleansing the deep sadness returned, due to some serious medical challenges and returned physical limitations. I felt hopeless, lost and ready to quit. Who was I?  I was not inspired by my own journey or identity.  I had released the wieght of a nuclear family, but I felt stuck.

 One day my friend sent the song, "Rise"by Katy Perry, as I listened to the song, and recalled my journey from sexually abuse, childhood rape/ pregnacy, homelessness, food addiction, divorce after 16 years of marraige and death my soul was awaken with determination and SET ON FIRE.

The lyrics told my truth,the real truth and the course gave me permission to R.I.S.E.

 I realized if I could overcome one thing, I can overcome anything.

From that day,I Realize I'm Strong Enough to win (I.R.I.S.E) become my life's anthem, my self proclaimed motto and the name of my Coaching Firm and  Lifestyle Boutique.  

 During the last 7 years, I have shared my weight loss experiences, strengths, techniques and skills to help others I.R.I.S.E. and live the life they desire. 

Assasinate the weight with a coach who can Relate. 

Coach Kenya LaShelle Elliott 


Today I.R.I.S.E. is a flourishing Transformation and Resurrection Coaching firm helping individuals all over the world transform their health and resurrect their lives. 

No matter the what we will rise!


From 592 to You Can Too! No matter the What I.R.I.S.E

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Transformation & Resurrection
Coaching  Firm
  I Get Your Struggle

 I’ve been helping my clients find their optimal wellness by developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices. As your Transformation & Resurrection Coach, I provide first-hand comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges to achieve good health and balance in all aspects of life.

Book your Pre coaching Convo TODAY and take a big step in your health and wellbeing.

I Realize I'm Strong Enough
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