About My Journey

Since 2016, I have assisted people in overcoming obstacles to their weight loss issues, health and way of life.

Life is far too short to be unhappy, unsure, or dissatisfied with how we look and feel.

I am here to help you in recognizing and eliminating the obstacles that are preventing you from advancing.

You will study and build long-term answers to the obstacles you confront in releasing unwanted weight, as well as a lifestyle to maintain the weight loss. You will no longer be confined by binge eating and restricting. ​I will reveal how I overcame my own weight loss challenges using realistic strategies, methods, behavior modification, mindset coaching, meditation, and nutrition on a consistent basis for over eight years to maintain my results.

Let's I.R.I.S.E. as a group, shall we?

- Coach Kenya

My Brand: I.R.I.S.E.


My significant dissatisfaction persisted after dropping 364 pounds in two years through nutritional cleansing, owing to major medical difficulties and physical limits. I was depressed, hopeless, and ready to give up.

Who precisely was I?

My own history and identity did not inspire me in the least. Despite the fact that I had relinquished my nuclear family obligations, I still felt confined, shattered, and alone. When I informed a friend about my current predicament, she emailed me Katy Perry's song "Rise." Life-altering! I listened to the song and remembered my own journey through sexual abuse, childhood rape/pregnancy, homelessness, food addiction, 16-year Abusive marriage, and the death of my soul, which was reawakened with resolve and SET ON FIRE when I heard the words! ​Courtesy of Katy Perry: Rise​​

The chorus gave me the confidence to R.I.S.E. because the words spoke my reality, gave reality to my truth. I understood that if I can conquer one obstacle, I can overcome ANY obstacle!" I Realize I'm Strong Enough (I.R.I.S.E)" became my mantra from that day on. Which gave birth to the name of my coaching firm and luxury boutique.

I've been sharing my weight loss experiences, strengths, strategies, talents, and hope for over 8 years with the purpose of helping others lose weight, and live the life they want, and I.R.I.S.E.I honestly feels that authentic change is a resuscitation of one's life in its entirety. ​Assassinate the weight with a coach who can Relate.

My Professional Career

I have completed my Bachelors Degree in Art, and a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling & Behavioral Health.

I worked for over 15 years in Behavior Modification and Clinical Psychology with pedophiles, the severely mentally ill, and Adolescent Behavioral Health and Clinical Professional Counseling. I truly loved my career and retired to return to school to become a Physician's Assistant however life took a turn for the worse and I landed on my deathbed weighing 592 pounds eating to die.

By the grace of God, a true Miracle and hard work, I shed 468 lbs. naturally and today I am serving my purpose and calling by helping others do the same using the same tools and techniques that changed my live FOREVER with my 5 Week Weight-loss Mindset Transformation Program. I have been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, People Magazine, AZ Daily Mix. & Impact Network for my weight-loss journey and proven weight-loss coaching programs.

As a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Weight loss Guru, Transformation Coach, and Owner of I.R.I.S.E. Athleisure Wear, I am honored to help women, men & families break the curse of generational obesity and redefine weight wellness and health. Change your mind: Change your waistline!

#From 592 to You Can too.

My Biggest Change

It all started in 2014 with a shake that changed my life. This nutrition, regardless of health or wellness, provides the body with the vitamins and minerals it requires to thrive.

I'm still fueling my body with science-backed organic nutrition 8 years and 468 pounds later. I couldn't be more overjoyed.

Somewhere in my darkest moment, God found me, and I found the courage to pick myself up, dust off the crumbs, and find a way out of the vicious cycle of emotional eating, binge eating, and starving. As a result, my weight rocketed to 592 and I was given 30 days to live. It wasn't until I faced the food monster within myself and made the decision to fight back that I was able to begin the process of healing. God sent my divine helper toting amazing science-backed nutrition I began eating organic undenatured whey nutritional meal replacements, using the 3-2-1 Meal Plan including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fitness and Mindset coaching.

I applied behavioral modification techniques and the weight came off as my body begin to release toxins and naturally heal itself. After 2 years, I released over 367 pounds. I am no longer a slave to food! The life God has given me to live is worth fighting for. I continue the daily battle with grace to save my own life.

Eight years later and 468 lbs. pounds released to date, I am helping others find the same freedom weight-wellness issues and the barriers of obesity. ​For more about my journey grab my Best Selling Book .



Shayla A. | GA

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya is personable and professional. By working with her I’ve had emotional and behavioral breakthroughs in areas I was stuck in for years. "I've hired multiple coaches in the past but Her program is truly unique and very much needed” She helps you explore not just your eating but everything that leads up to eating. It's a beautiful process of discovery while shedding the pounds". Highly recommend. .


Brigette C. | OK

Graduated Client

"When you are looking to deal with the mental part of your struggle with food, Coach Kenya is the one. She has been where we are and totally gets it. She brings things to light that you didn't know existed, challenges you and is your biggest cheerleader. Grateful I found her."


Florence M. | AZ

Graduated Client

“ I am 84 years young and this women knows her stuff". I love the products and coaching program together, they really work.! The changes and results are jaw dropping. I've dropped 35 plus pounds and kept if off for over 1 year. It’s easy, convenient and simple. You can't beat nutrition that works and gives the results. you want!"


Yvette H. | AZ

Graduated Client

“I love Coach Kenya, the products and her coaching program! Over 16 pounds released in less than a week, you can beat that She truly understands weight-loss and how to get  and maintain results on a deeper, level. You will have increased energy, sleep better and get your life back! "It’s worth every penny"


Amy S. | AZ

Graduated Client

“ I’ve been working with coach for many years as I result I’ve shed over 250 lbs. with her support and guidance. Her techniques and lifestyle changes truly work, I can reach down and tie my own shoes, "Changing your mind really matters".


Sylvia P. | NJ

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya knows her stuff, she is a weight-loss genius and understands the barriers to weight loss, obesity and emotional eating. No one else discusses or digs into the thinking patterns and behaviors that she can personally relate to. No other program or products can be so

easily navigated  and applied during all stages of life. She truly understands the process of behavioral weight-loss and



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