Checking Weight
Read past client reviews to discover how Coach Kenya  has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they seeked it, and you can do the same.
Amy Sather,
Buckeye Az 

1st  Client to release over 100 lbs.

I weighed 426 pounds... Now I weigh 180.5 my weight loss goal that I set for myself ... I feel better than ever and changing my life and eating habits was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Arro Mohamud, Va
Client /Team Member

Kenya is a beautiful  human being that I trust. She's consistent asnd connected with her clients. She ensures you have all the tools you need to accomplish your goals. She challenges you to push beyond the surface.  

Jasmin Furmon  Lousville, Ky
Client/ Team Member

My  journey with Team IRISE has been life changing, I Have not only been taking better care of my health but also met  some of the most amazing women. Team IRISE  & Coach Kenya! Undescribable phenomenal lol.  She pushes me to my limit and beyond. 

Anastasia F./ Massage Therapist/
Owner at Opulent Wellness & Spa

Coach's consistency and dedication to her clients is admirable, and she goes beyond the call of Coaching to help see the need and reach your goals. It's worth it.

Sylvia K. / CPA / Owner Rak View Taxes 


Coach is knowledgeable, dedicated to her clients, innovative, and willing to ensure you reach your health and weight wellness goals. 

More Life Changing Results

brooke before and after .jpg
Brooke B.

I truly believe the Isagenix products give you the best "you", and make you feel so energized for the New You". 

My body is getting what it needs , the cravings are gone,  and my energy has dramaticalluy improved.  This  nutriton is simple, convienent and made for a full time busy new mom like me.

Kim N. Customer 


This pack is perfect for both people who are professional athletes and someone who is even new in the gym who is just looking for major muscle gain, looking to lean out and wanting a step by step process of how to do that.

Kim N.jpg
Aaron H.

My favorite thing about this Next Level Pack is really it has everything it needs inside. If you look at what you have before, during, and after, it’s all-inclusive. There is no guessing. You don’t have to figure it out. It’s right there. It’s designed perfectly for anyone looking to maximize their performance and their recovery, which is huge!


I Realize I'm Strong Enough
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