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4 Effective Ways to Manage Cravings and Avoid Binge Eating

February 28, 20244 min read

4 Effective Ways to Manage Cravings and Avoid Binge Eating

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The struggle to eat healthier and resist binge eating is real. It's a problem that many people face every day, and it can be incredibly frustrating. I personally have struggled with binge eating in the past, but now I've learned some effective ways to manage cravings and avoid binging on unhealthy foods. Here are four of my favorite strategies:

1. Use your five senses to feel the craving pass.

Do you ever find yourself distracted by a craving, only to realize that it's gone? It happens often when we're trying to focus on something else--a movie or book, perhaps. But what if you could use your five senses to help manage cravings?

You can! Here are some tips:

  • Use your sense of smell. When I'm feeling hungry but know that I shouldn't eat anything, sometimes I'll take a deep breath and inhale the scent of fresh coffee brewing in my kitchen. This helps me relax and reminds me that there's no need for food at this moment; it also makes me hungry enough so I know what kind of food would satisfy my craving (i.e., coffee).

  • Listen to music while focusing on another task. If listening doesn't work for whatever reason (maybe there aren't any good songs on Spotify), try listening instead! Music distracts us from negative thoughts and feelings that could lead us back into bingeing territory

2. Eat a little something to keep your cravings at bay.

If you are craving something sweet, try eating a little bit of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has high levels of flavonoids, which are plant-based antioxidants that can help boost your mood and lower blood pressure. It's also high in magnesium, an essential nutrient for healthy brain function (a deficiency can lead to depression).

If salty food is what you crave, reach for a piece of fresh fruit or raw veggies instead of chips or pretzels--they'll satisfy your salt cravings without packing on extra calories or sodium (and they won't leave you feeling bloated). Or if spicy food is what gets your motor running, go ahead and indulge--just don't overdo it: Spicy foods have been shown to increase metabolism by up to 20%!

And finally...

3. Wait 10 minutes before indulging in your food craving.

  • Wait 10 minutes before indulging in your food craving.

If you're craving something sweet or salty, don't give in to it right away. Instead of eating a piece of chocolate cake or potato chips, try waiting 10 minutes and see if the craving goes away on its own. If not, then go ahead and indulge--but only after waiting those 10 minutes! This will help prevent bingeing because you won't have eaten so much that you can't stop yourself from eating more later on (which often happens when we binge).

It's also helpful to note that certain types of cravings may require different strategies than others: Don't eat spicy food if you're craving hot sauce; don't eat sour foods if you're craving lemonade; etc.. The point is not necessarily what type of food was craved but rather how long it took for the craving to pass once one indulged in it

4. Try journaling or meditation to reduce cravings

Journaling is also a great way to identify triggers and patterns in your behavior. You can see what works, what doesn't work, and where you need to make adjustments. For example:

  • I find that when I'm stressed out or upset about something else (like my job), I tend to binge eat. This makes me feel worse than before--and then there's no time left over for journaling! So maybe instead of journaling when I'm feeling sad or anxious about something else, I should wait until after dinner so that my mind isn't distracted by other thoughts while writing down my feelings.

  • Sometimes when I start feeling really hungry during the day (or even at night), it helps me resist cravings if I do some breathing exercises first--they seem like such an easy thing for anyone who's familiar with meditation techniques!

In Conclusion

The key to managing cravings is to be prepared. The more you know about what triggers your food cravings and how to deal with them, the easier it will be for you to keep your eating habits in check.

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I will reveal how I overcame my own weight loss challenges and dropped the weight of a nuclear family using realistic strategies, methods, behavior modification, mindset coaching, meditation, and nutrition on a consistent basis for over eight years to maintain my results. Let's I.R.I.S.E. as a group, shall we?

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- Coach Kenya

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Anastasia F.

Current Coaching Client- TX

Coach has been such a tremendous part of my weight loss journey and as my coach. Coach and I have been in each other's lives for over 4 years and since that time I have released over 130 lbs and I have kept off over 130 lbs. I want to go further about 125 lbs more I want to release with her HELP. I want to let everyone know you are making the best decision in your life to connect with Kenya and be to apart of her coaching program. She is amazing she has changed my life! I can honestly say she has even spoken into my husband's life.

Ramona C.

Current Coaching Client - TX

"I've already released over 41 pounds and gained my mobility back, when they all counted me out." I stood up after being bed bound for over 3 years due to my weight gain. Coach said I could do it and I did!!. Since starting Coach's program I can honestly say my life will never be the same. She has awaken some things, taught me some things and I've a had to let a lot of things I thought I knew. This program works and you are not on a diet, you are learning to heal and live again, if you ask me. I would say start now, be sure your ready, because this is NOT a DIET!!

Catrena B.

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"I love the program, It's truly changed my life". I've vowed to get the nutrition I need by following her program and by making it individualized for me has been perfect. I have lost weight and I've lost inches. I've lost more inches to date than weight. My skin is glowing, I have more energy and I'm moving around better. I was limited in my mobility, but with the work out program I'm moving better and I'm not as short of breath. It's really working for me. The movements are modified and effective. The program is wonderful. I love the exercises. When I started out exercising from my bed I didn't think that it was possible. I'll always make this statement with this program. When I learned how to exercise from my bed, I felt human." I felt like a human being again. All programs require movement, this one makes it work for you. I never thought in my sickness I could exercise because of my mobility and coach showed me, Nope you can do it", right from my bed. This program is not a diet, it's a lifestyle"!

K. T.

Current Coaching Client- AL

Coach showed up at the right time. I have been praying and asking God for guidance because I have battled with weight my whole life. Now I have a real solution to ,my real problem, emotional eating. She has taught a whole new way of living". This program is life changing and weight loss is the benefit of a changed mind". I have been dieting since I was a child and today I have tools and solutions to the reasons I use to eat. It's a whole lot of healing happening here. It's profound.

Theresa H.

Current Coaching Client- N.C.

The 5 Week Transformation program is a life changing, motivating, life saving experience. It is the best investment I have made for myself. I have been on many programs in my life, but by far this is the best one yet, mind, body and soul. My Motto Diets are not for me I am going to live achieving it not DIE trying it .
#1 Coach Kenya Elliott Team IRISE.




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Amy S. | AZ


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“At my biggest weight I was almost 450 lbs. I’ve been working with coach for many years as I result I’ve shed over 275 lbs and kept it off with her support and guidance. Her techniques and lifestyle changes truly work. I can do things that use to challenge me, I can reach down and tie my own shoes, chase my kids or crawl on the floor. Now i'm finally living, "Changing my mind & how I look at food, made the difference".


Yvonne G. | TX

Graduated Client

" I saw Coach Kenya on T.V. and decided to call the number, I figured if she could lose 400 plus lbs. naturally and keep it off, she could show me. I'm so glad I said yes, I released 50 lbs in 2 1/2 following her program with weekly nutritional cleansing, It's the best!! I got my energy back and I even have more patience with my kids. This program really changes your life, you'll never look at food or eating the same again.


Arror M. | VA

Graduated Client

I was tired of being tired. I tried other coaches and diet programs, but Kenya is different. The weight begins to melt away! She made me feel comfortable as soon as we met. Her program is personal and she takes the time to get to know you. She holds you accountable for your actions, thoughts and choices. If your tired of looking for a solution to your weight issues, You will not be disappointed!


Sylvia P. | NJ

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya knows her stuff, she is a weight-loss genius and understands the barriers to weight loss, obesity and emotional eating. No one else discusses or digs into the thinking patterns and behaviors that she can personally relate to. No other program or products can be so

easily navigated  and applied during all stages of life. She truly understands the process of behavioral weight-loss and



Yvette H. | AZ

Graduated Client

“I love Coach Kenya, the products and her coaching program! I could not be more pleased with my experience working with Kenya. Over 16 pounds released in less than a 2 weeks, you cant beat that. She truly understands weight-loss. You will have increased energy, sleep better and get your life back! I highly recommend her to anyone looking start their weight-loss journey. ""It’s worth every penny"


Anastasia F. | TX

Graduated Client

"I've battled with weight off and on my entire life, and suffered from the effects of it: exhaustion, difficulty sleeping. feeling foggy, chronic health issues and the list goes on, but not anymore. This program has helped me discover who I am, and why I eat. As a result I'm living a healthy lifestyle and releasing the unwanted weight.


Brooke B. | MI

Graduated Client

I never thought I'd be able to lose weight and keep it off, I am a busy Mom and her program is the most comprehensive, thorough and effective I have ever seen. In just two weeks, I dropped 17 pounds following her program. Her no nonsense approach to weight-loss is unlike any other coach out there. I highly recommend program and nutrition system to everyone!


Florence M. | AZ

Current Client

“ I am 84 years young and this women knows her stuff". I love the products and coaching program together, they really work.! The changes and results are jaw dropping. I've dropped 35 plus pounds and kept if off for over 1 year. It’s easy, convenient and simple. You can't beat nutrition that works and gives the results. you want!"


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